Always learning

Often we hear that we should never stop learning or improving in our craft. I watch hours or material each week, either inspirational or instructional. In the arena of film production, I would venture to say it is impossible to become an expert in all aspects from pre-production to post-production, but we should be well […]

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Google maps monopoly?

I travel…. a lot. Some times of year more than others, but I clock the miles. Over 100,000km this past year. That does not put me up there with the travel gurus jetting around the world, but I would say my mileage is harder earned. Much of it is done on a motorcycle or other […]

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So much to catch up on!

Life has been unbelievably busy! Assignments skyrocketed and I have so much to share! I have been spending hours upon hours organizing and filing all my digital assets to stay…well… more organized. I have been to Taiwan, China, and South Africa with trips coming up to Japan, The Philippines and back to South Africa. I […]

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BIG changes coming…

Ok, wow. I found a blog entry I forgot to post (and subsequently posted it), went on a rant about losing a hard drive and forgot to drop the best teaser of all. Big changes may be in store for the Homesick Nomad. We may be relocating in the near future. If everything pans out, […]

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Santa comes early

Look what was waiting at my NEIGHBOR’S doorstep. Had my name and address and almost didn’t get to me. It is the new Rotation180 Travel Away. Robin will be sporting this little beauty on an upcoming trip and we will be reviewing its performance. I love these guy’s backpacks. They are a little pricey but […]

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Rotation180 in the Wild

Just about a year ago, I tested out a new piece of gear and did a lengthy video review. I took the Rotation180 from Mindshift Gear into the villages of remote China and put it through the test of international travel, inspections, and the rigors of rain soaked muddy roads and long sloppy hikes. You […]

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New Affiliate for Pivothead Gear

I am excited to announce that I have recently been accepted as an affiliate with Pivothead and their wearable cameras. These glasses are pretty sweet. I plan to do my own review of them soon enough although the glasses have been on the market a while now and they are are actually gearing up to […]

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The Wild Backyard

My back yard is a haven for wild things. No lions or zebra, but plenty of deer, fox, bobcat, rabbits, insects galore and numerous reptiles. I figured it would be fun to start photographing it. So here is my first contribution. The stunning green color caught my eye and begged to be photographed. Hopefully there […]

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