The Homesick Nomad cashes it all in and sets out on a great adventure

It has finally happened! We have sold almost all our worldly possessions and are heading off on an amazing adventure. We are headed to Southeast Asia! But this isn’t just a couple week trip; this is the whole enchilada, or the whole spring roll if that makes more sense. We have had quite a journey over the past year as we have prepared for this. I have been fairly quiet on the blog about it but I have not been still. We have done a lot to prepare for the move. In addition, I shot a documentary, a short film and a slew of other small projects. These are all now in post production.

I have some of the most amazing friends a man could ever ask for as people have banded together to help make this a reality for my family and I. I look forward to sharing this adventure as we travel throughout SE Asia and other places, capturing images and making memories. Stay tuned, because it is going to be epic!

We made a little family trip to New York, a place where many who immigrated to America first arrived. For us, we all waved at Lady Liberty and told her goodbye for now.

We also visited the place that will forever be remembered as Ground Zero. Last time I was here, rubble was being removed, truckload by truckload. Now, several icons stand where tragedy struck.

 We also just took time to walk through the city and talk with people; lots of people. It was great to hear their stories and memories. The architectural blend of old and new in the Burroughs was cool. Here is an image that I captured when the contrast of light in the courtyard caught my attention.

So go ahead and click that follow button. There are bound to be some cool adventures ahead.



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