Rotation180 in the Wild

Just about a year ago, I tested out a new piece of gear and did a lengthy video review. I took the Rotation180 from Mindshift Gear into the villages of remote China and put it through the test of international travel, inspections, and the rigors of rain soaked muddy roads and long sloppy hikes. You […]

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New Affiliate for Pivothead Gear

I am excited to announce that I have recently been accepted as an affiliate with Pivothead and their wearable cameras. These glasses are pretty sweet. I plan to do my own review of them soon enough although the glasses have been on the market a while now and they are are actually gearing up to […]

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The Wild Backyard

My back yard is a haven for wild things. No lions or zebra, but plenty of deer, fox, bobcat, rabbits, insects galore and numerous reptiles. I figured it would be fun to start photographing it. So here is my first contribution. The stunning green color caught my eye and begged to be photographed. Hopefully there […]

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When a photograph really matters

I had one of those amazing moments this weekend. I was invited by Julian Quebedeaux of Ninjaman Studios a few weeks ago to help with a very significant photo shoot scheduled for this past Saturday. Healing Place Church lined up photographers all over the state of Louisiana to take pictures of children who are seeking […]

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Merry Christmas!

Celebrating good times with family for Christmas. We are doing a family photo shoot tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it. Not often I shoot large groups so a new challenge is always welcome. Only problem, supposed to be below freezing at the time we go out for the shoot. Obviously my personality […]

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To China and back!

We have returned! I am still fighting Jet lag, but for the most part, I am recovering better than usual! Had a wonderful trip to deep, deep inland China. Met some amazing people and have some great stories to tell. But those will take a few days to sort out. Most of the images are […]

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Why we do what we do.

Why we do what we do.

There are those times that we lose touch with why each of us pursue the craft of photography. I have several friends who are now professional photographers and pine over the days when photography was a joy. Maybe its a good thing that we reconnect with the art of our craft over and over again.

I have been remiss to post anything recently. I have hundreds of photographs that can go up and should. But when I came across this repost by David DuChemin, I had to pass it on. David, although I have never met him, is a kindred spirit. I can tell by how he writes.
I have allowed myself to get caught up in multiple projects to the neglect of developing my skills as a photographer. One of the projects has been a video project of an ongoing nature. It has become something pretty cool, and who knows where it will go. I have combined my new hobby of metal detecting and video documentation along with a friend of mine to cooperatively create what we are calling D.U.G. (Discovered Inder Ground). It is a video series about objects we find while metal detecting and the story that develops out of those objects.

So, hopefully over the next week or so, I will remedy my absence from photoblogging.

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