How to use a time machine safely…

If only I could climb into a Wellsian device and twist a few knobs, push a few buttons and go back in time. What would I do? I would go back 2 weeks and 1 day and BACKUP MY COMPUTER!! I have been going through the living nightmare of a corrupt directory and partition for 2 weeks. I have run Disk Warrior and Data Rescue only to recover about 75% of my data. This is not my main photography computer, so for that I am grateful, but I did have important documents, videos and some snapshots that won’t be replaced.
I am one of those guys who preaches backing up and does it pretty regularly, but for some reason, I have let it slide since before my last trip to Southeast Asia last Thanksgiving. So dumb. I should be back up to speed in about 2 days, but sans a few dozen important documents for work and a ton of memories.
Please people, BACK UP YOUR STUFF. And then back that up. I picked up a NAS on Amazon that has a mirrored raid drive. So basically, you put the data on one drive and it automatically copies it to the other, If one drive fails, it is still on the other drive. But if my house burns, I am still not protected. So I have another drive for current projects and my portfolio that stays somewhere else. If only I had been so cautious with my laptop, I would have been back up and running the next day. Hard lesson learned.

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