Breathtaking views and overnight in the hammock

Thailand is an amazingly beautiful country with mountains and beaches that make you feel like you are looking at a postcard wherever you turn. Darin, a new friend, and I climbed a much less traveled trail to a peak just north of Doi Inthanon, the highest point in Thailand. Although it was only 5 kilometers to the peak, it felt like 50 by the time we finished. We actually never made the peak because we were so tired. We were each lugging a fair amount of camera gear and all the water for 2 days. There is no water on the trail we were hiking.

I slept in my ENO hammock while Darin slept in a tent. Here is a video I made from both our footage. Darin showed some major  piloting skills when his drone started showing a voltage issue and tried to land way at the bottom of the mountain (prolly not much chance of finding it if it did). It did crash into the mountain, but hit a pretty soft area and suffered minimal to no damage.


2 thoughts on “Breathtaking views and overnight in the hammock

  1. Hi J!
    We met on Doi Pui Peak yesterday. I am looking for places to hang my eno for the night and any reccomrndations off the beaten path would be amazing. Headed south and want to maybe beach camp it as well. Great to meet you! Hope you enjoy your holidays!

    1. I had a great day yesterday. Met people from all over the world yet again. And then one from back home! Always fun and was really cool to meet you guys. The video that you are commenting on is actually a fantastic spot not a lot of people go. If you email me at and I can send you a pin to the trailhead. There are several places to hang a hammock on that trail. Even close to the top if you make it that far.

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