China 2013 – Entry 7

Today was an adventure all on its own. Having seen yesterday that we could not drive to any of the new areas we wanted to visit, we knew it was going to be a walking day. It was overcast and drizzling occasionally, but the sky held a more ominous appearance for the day. We had […]

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China 2013 – Entry 6

We have arrived at a new location today. This area is mountainous like the last but different. There are less crops here and had the streams not been clogged with rubbish, it would have been a notch better. But gorgeous none the less. The roads are narrow and harrowing again, but our guide drives with […]

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China 2013 – Entry 5

Today was market day in the city where we were staying. Every five days, people travel from the surrounding area to buy and sell what they have made, grown, raised, or found. It is a pretty interesting site. There is everything from clothing to herbal Chinese medicine. We asked one medicine man to explain what […]

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China 2013 – Entry 4

Slept a little better last night. Only woke up at 2:30 and 4:00. Getting adjusted. The mushroom excursion was great! Matsutaki mushrooms are pretty rare and these mushrooms are good quality. The farmer here gets around $100 per pound. No telling what this mushroom is valued at by the time it gets to the final […]

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China 2013 – Entry 3

Up at 4:30AM yet again. I don’t feel bad, but it’s just the sleep thing is all out of whack. I know that going home though is going to be a pain. It always is. But that is next week sometime; this is now. We had a great day yesterday. We connected with our interpreter, […]

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China 2013 – Entry 2

We have arrived safe and sound… But extremely tired. After 30 hours of air travel, we met up with a long-time friend in Kunming to visit a little, grab a shower and eat some waffles! Love me some waffles! My friend was supposed to accompany us the rest of the way to our final destination, […]

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China 2013 – Entry One

One forgets how exhausting the long journey from America to China can be. Especially when combined with anticipation and a hyperactive mind that keeps one from sleeping on the flights over. Of course, one also has to take into account the not so comfortable sleeping arrangements of airports and airplanes over the 30 hour timespan. […]

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