DJI Osmo Mobile Workflow

DJI continues to roll out some great products. It hardly seems that the dust settles on one device before the next one pops up. Sometimes this rapid growth can create some problems. The DJI Go app for iOS is widely regarded as cumbersome and problematic. From the kludgy attempt to create a new social media platform with Skypixel, to the convoluted process to export video, the app is plagued with problems. This post will address the latter of the problems mentioned above.

PROBLEM: How to export high quality video from the DJI Go app (without powering on the Osmo Mobile)

A search of the interwebs provides little relief on this question. Check the video below for my solution to the problem. One thing I forgot to address was the space issue. If you run out of space on your phone, you will not be able to export video from the DJI Go app until you free up more space.

DJI Osmo Mobile: How to Export Video


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