Always learning

Often we hear that we should never stop learning or improving in our craft. I watch hours or material each week, either inspirational or instructional. In the arena of film production, I would venture to say it is impossible to become an expert in all aspects from pre-production to post-production, but we should be well […]

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Google maps monopoly?

I travel…. a lot. Some times of year more than others, but I clock the miles. Over 100,000km this past year. That does not put me up there with the travel gurus jetting around the world, but I would say my mileage is harder earned. Much of it is done on a motorcycle or other […]

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So much to catch up on!

Life has been unbelievably busy! Assignments skyrocketed and I have so much to share! I have been spending hours upon hours organizing and filing all my digital assets to stay…well… more organized. I have been to Taiwan, China, and South Africa with trips coming up to Japan, The Philippines and back to South Africa. I […]

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Updated logo

I have been struggling with my logo for a while and a few weeks ago came up with the design you see on the front page. That works great for an avatar and I think it is simple enough to be useful. I played with some debossing today and came up with a new desktop […]

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DJI Osmo Mobile Workflow

DJI continues to roll out some great products. It hardly seems that the dust settles on one device before the next one pops up. Sometimes this rapid growth can create some problems. The DJI Go app for iOS is widely regarded as cumbersome and problematic. From the kludgy attempt to create a new social media […]

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New life from old

A friend of mine is a custom knife builder who several years back started making a killer knife from bastard files. He calls them the Inglorious Basterd. Says they are only good for one thing… Anyway. Check out his blog entry and my photos of his latest build that raised over $37,000 for Run Ranger […]

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