New life from old

A friend of mine is a custom knife builder who several years back started making a killer knife from bastard files. He calls them the Inglorious Basterd. Says they are only good for one thing… Anyway. Check out his blog entry and my photos of his latest build that raised over $37,000 for Run Ranger […]

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From famine to feast

The title may be somewhat misleading as I think about it. There has not been a shortage of subjects or stories to shoot and tell, just a shortage of time. Things are getting pretty busy as we prepare for the big change coming in July. But so as not to get complacent or rusty, I […]

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BIG changes coming…

Ok, wow. I found a blog entry I forgot to post (and subsequently posted it), went on a rant about losing a hard drive and forgot to drop the best teaser of all. Big changes may be in store for the Homesick Nomad. We may be relocating in the near future. If everything pans out, […]

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Santa comes early

Look what was waiting at my NEIGHBOR’S doorstep. Had my name and address and almost didn’t get to me. It is the new Rotation180 Travel Away. Robin will be sporting this little beauty on an upcoming trip and we will be reviewing its performance. I love these guy’s backpacks. They are a little pricey but […]

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