Rabb pickup session

So it seems we missed a few shots we really wanted to get in the first session, so I made a couple more trips out to the Rabb farm to pickup the stuff we missed. Don’t judge. There were kiddos everywhere and with the engagement, we just overlooked taking Stephanie’s pictures. I am also including […]


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Julian’s head shots and more

Julian asked me to do his head shots recently. Set up my little portable studio in the office and shot away. Then we hit the park for some parkour stunts. Here is the results of the day. Some were serious shots and some were just to have a good time. Julian is a fellow videographer, […]

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Rabb’s and family

Wonderful time photographing this family. First I did their vow renewal, and now I had the opportunity to photograph their whole family. And let me tell you, there was no lack of personality with these guys! And as an added bonus, it turned into an engagement photoshoot! Hope you enjoy these as much as I did […]

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Trent’s Senior Photos

Here is a selection from Trent’s senior photo session today. The day was not without its trials from limited sunlight (to start) to Trent being at the wrong end of a kicking horse. I have a shot right as the horse was about to kick him. Fortunately, it only grazed him. Here are the pictures:

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Chad’s Senior Session

Every day in this photography journey brings new adventures. I have had an eventful two weeks starting with this senior portrait session. I have not done many senior portraits yet but so far I have not backed down from anything people have asked me to do (except for weddings). And to top it off, I […]

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John and Danna

And yet, still no pics of Africa! “What ever are you waiting for Mister?” Well, I have been staying busy and shooting all kinds of other stuff. Not nature, travel or landscapes… But PEOPLE! Wha? I know, Right?!? So I swore I would never shoot a wedding. And I have upheld my promise yet. “What?!?” […]

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Spring Shoot #1

While visiting with a local fellow photographer today, she asked if there was a place where she could see some of my work. I thought of my blog of course, but then had to drop the disclaimer that it is sadly behind. And frankly, I am tired of that excuse! So either I drop the […]

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