Are You In Prison?

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Let’s just tag this one on to the post about being a professional and all that. One of the most freeing thoughts for me in photography came from my “baby” sister. When I was commiserating about what to charge people, the fear of getting into other people’s way who make a living at photography in […]

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Trent’s Senior Photos

Here is a selection from Trent’s senior photo session today. The day was not without its trials from limited sunlight (to start) to Trent being at the wrong end of a kicking horse. I have a shot right as the horse was about to kick him. Fortunately, it only grazed him. Here are the pictures:

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Photography “home” School

I have a friend who is majoring in photography and I think that is very cool. But what about me? I am 42 years old. I am not going back to school, but I want to get better. How have I gone about learning more about photography and improving my craft? Well, I have a […]

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Am I a “pro” YET?

I have referred to this blog as reflections on my journey along this path to being a better photographer. Along the way I have wondered if I will ever become considered a professional. What does it take to be professional? Do I have to own a brick and mortar studio? Own a “professional” camera? Make […]

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When a photograph really matters

I had one of those amazing moments this weekend. I was invited by Julian Quebedeaux of Ninjaman Studios a few weeks ago to help with a very significant photo shoot scheduled for this past Saturday. Healing Place Church lined up photographers all over the state of Louisiana to take pictures of children who are seeking […]

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Chad’s Senior Session

Every day in this photography journey brings new adventures. I have had an eventful two weeks starting with this senior portrait session. I have not done many senior portraits yet but so far I have not backed down from anything people have asked me to do (except for weddings). And to top it off, I […]

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Merry Christmas!

Celebrating good times with family for Christmas. We are doing a family photo shoot tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it. Not often I shoot large groups so a new challenge is always welcome. Only problem, supposed to be below freezing at the time we go out for the shoot. Obviously my personality […]

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