From famine to feast

The title may be somewhat misleading as I think about it. There has not been a shortage of subjects or stories to shoot and tell, just a shortage of time. Things are getting pretty busy as we prepare for the big change coming in July. But so as not to get complacent or rusty, I am stepping up my game on the creative side.
Last night, I got to show my last wedding film in the foreseeable future to the newly weds for which it was shot. It was warmly received and I hope met all their expectations and more. Final touches on the DVD are being made and will then be produced for them.
Today, I am shooting a short film documentary style piece for a good friend of mine who is a custom knife builder. His work has sold worldwide and he has been featured in several magazines and on numerous websites. His story will be worth watching and hearing, so stay tuned for that.
But that’s not all! Tomorrow I am doing a maternity shoot for some good friends who are pregnant with their first child. I am excited about this as it is my first maternity shoot and this is a great couple!
All the while I am editing some pieces for some friends overseas.
WHEW! I must be crazy!
And that is just THIS weekend! Next weekend will be just as packed with two film projects. Needless to say, this is going to send me into the editing suite for quite some time! I hope I don’t forget what outside looks like!
But, I love this! This feeds my energy like you would not believe!


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