Review of the Voltaic 10W Fuse Solar Charger

4 thoughts on “Review of the Voltaic 10W Fuse Solar Charger

  1. Jason,
    Great job on the review. I am into cycle touring and planning a east coast prayer tour this Nov.-Jan. and I am interested in solar chargers. Your video was very helpful along with the recommendation of Darren Alff from Again thanks for your efforts and God Bless on all your life’s journey for HIm. We have a traveling children’s ministry called Kidzturn.

    1. Thanks Carl. I just wanted to put something out there that answered all the questions I had. I leave tomorrow for Uganda. I will post am update as to how it all worked. Thanks for watching.

  2. So I posted this video up on YouTube a while back and I kind of had to giggle today at the views. It has garnered over 400 views and if you search “Voltaic”, it is one of the main videos that pops up. That makes me happy that people find it useful. But I have discovered through the analytics that it is too long. So from now on, I will make my reviews a little quicker… 🙂 The video is geared toward photographers, so it is a narrower market than just someone interested in solar chargers.

  3. By the way, if anyone is reading this, I will be posting an update from my trip with reviews of how the solar pack worked. In short, it was amazing and I highly recommend it.

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