Why we do what we do.

There are those times that we lose touch with why each of us pursue the craft of photography. I have several friends who are now professional photographers and pine over the days when photography was a joy. Maybe its a good thing that we reconnect with the art of our craft over and over again.

I have been remiss to post anything recently. I have hundreds of photographs that can go up and should. But when I came across this repost by David DuChemin, I had to pass it on. David, although I have never met him, is a kindred spirit. I can tell by how he writes and the imaes he captures. Not that my photos are even close to the caliber of his, but he is definitely someone I watch.
I have allowed myself to get caught up in multiple projects to the neglect of developing my skills as a photographer. One of the projects has been a video project of an ongoing nature. It has become something pretty cool, and who knows where it will go. I have combined my new hobby of metal detecting and video documentation along with a friend of mine to cooperatively create what we are calling D.U.G. (Discovered Under Ground). It is a video series about objects we find while metal detecting and the story that develops out of those objects.

So, hopefully over the next week or so, I will remedy my absence from photoblogging.

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